Fired TCS Worker’s Bomb Threat Over Job Loss Creates Panic

A former employee of TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) in Bengaluru reportedly lost it and made a fake bomb threat to the office after getting axed. The false alarm caused a scare, leading law enforcement to rush in for checks. But after a thorough search, they found nothing suspicious.

Anger Turns into a Hoax

Seems the person, whose identity remains hidden, was super mad about losing their job. So, they made a call threatening a bomb blast at the Bengaluru office. That’s when all chaos broke loose.

Investigations and Findings

Turns out, the ex-employee causing this trouble lives in Hubli. The call wasn’t for real—just an angry outburst. Now the cops are hunting down this person for the hoax.

Scam Alert within TCS

Earlier this year, someone from inside TCS snitched about a dodgy “bribes-for-jobs” scene. They accused top dogs of taking bribes from hiring agencies to fix job placements. TCS did its own digging after these claims.

TCS’s Cleanup Operation

After investigating, TCS sacked 16 employees involved in the scam and moved three others out of their roles in handling resources.

The Company’s Move

TCS spilled the beans officially, saying they found 19 employees mixed up in this mess. So, they kicked out 16 for breaking the rules and shuffled three others around. TCS also blacklisted six vendors, banning them from doing any future business with the company. Ouch.

TCS’s Game Plan for the Future

To stop any more funny business, TCS is beefing up its rules. They’re shaking things up by rotating key staff more often, using better number-crunching for supplier checks, making vendors declare they’re following the rules, and giving them a deep dive “know your supplier” check. Plus, they’re doing checks on how they manage these vendors.

Focusing on Doing Things Right

TCS wants to make sure they’re on the up and up. They’re all about making their inside systems stronger and making sure everyone plays fair.